Discover a new experience of vacations with Tobago holiday packages. The beautiful half and little less part of the republic of Trinidad and Tobago, this tiny island completes the famous saying “good things come in small packages. Rested in the southern Caribbean ringed by a vigilant amount of bustling places, Just in a stretch of 116 square miles this capital of paradise offers an exotic blend of soothing surroundings, iconic nature, colorful culture and one of the most vibrant locals in the world.


Similar to a serene temple in the backyard of a shouting night club, the isle is a perfect escape to cherish your free time away from shouting contemporary lifestyle. Hit its calm beaches, explore its refreshing landscapes, make your ways to its wonderful wildlife, try its tempting cuisines, shop in its shady shops or simply watch a live cricket match on television in its gothic pubs, holidayers receive a tremendous plethora of things to do in Tobago. However, there are few things travelers purchasing low cost holiday packages to Tobago should never miss. Luckily, Crystal Travel, your UK leading travel agency is listing some of them.           

 What to Do in Tobago


Explore Pigeon Point Beach

Tobago is undoubtedly popular for its beaches and whole world know it. So, visiting one of its most famous beaches will surely be an excellent idea to kick-start your vacations in Tobago. Dynamic vibe of this extra-ordinary oceanfront along with its white soft sand and transparent waters will steal your heart beats. Situated just a ride away from the town core, the beach is a perfect spot for family picnic and honeymoon.  

Hop on a Personal Jeep

The isle demands lot of outing from travelers, in order to bless them with its truest essence, and a private Jeep can help you greatly to practice it. Ask from your hotel in Tobago booked for a jeep on hire, also you can contact one of several agencies frequently offerings jeep on hire services. And, as you get keys in your hands, don’t waste anymore time staying in your hotel. Wind the whole isle discovering all big and small attractions, just like an owner.        

Pay a Visit to Main Ridge Forest Reserve

It doesn’t matter whether you are a wildlife enthusiast or not, the presence of oldest forest reserve in western hemisphere is definitely worth checking. Home of hundreds of thousands of species of birds including but not limited to hummingbird, jacamars, and kingfisher. Also, you will find a gigantic range of distinctive West Indies flora.      

Slip in Tobago Cocoa Estate

No matter if you are at home, office or all inclusive holiday packages to Tobago, chocolate is a forever delight. As you are in the land of world popular chocolates i.e. Tobago Cocoa Estate, don’t forget to add few tempting moments to your holidays. Scroll down to a farm and study the history, way of making and fragmentation, and simply everything about silky and seducing chocolates. Chew down some fresh chocolates and pack some for your home won’t be a bad idea as well.